Engineering Solution

engThe Services PT. DEXA ENERGY contracting provides consists of contruction contracting including Electrical, Instrumentation, Service and Supplier, PT. DEXA ENERGY provides project management, labor, equipment and material to construct, repair, maintain, and otherwise modify our costumer"92s industrial facilities
contracting provides consists of construction

Our unique capabilities and inhouse resources allow us to provide total site construction and in-plant support services, Our fully certified and licensed industrial contracting capabilities include:
– industrial Constuction Management/Project Management
– Job Specification Development
– General and Custom Metal and Alloy Fabrication
– Electical Instrumentation and Power Fabrication
– Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
– Piping and Ductwork
– Welding (arc, sub arc, mig and tig) Millwright, Steel Erection
– excharger and precipitator
– refrectory and corrosion services
– recondition instrimentation loop


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