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4th Utility

Compressed air, usually regarded as the fourth utility, as the cost to generate per CFM of compressed air is not cheap. The cost will be higher if the air compressors and its ancillaries like air dryers, air filters, drain, and sequential control are not operating as efficiently as it should. As more processes demand for clean or clean and dry air, at the required pressure, and readily available, reliability of the compressed air system is very critical.

Service Plans and 24 hours standby

Thus, at Asia Pacific Centric, we have a team of experienced and well-trained service personnel that can take care of your compressed air systems on a regular and long term basis. Our services offering range from the very basic but important preventive maintenance, overhaul, troubleshooting and diagnosis, ad-hoc repair, oil analysis, air analysis.

Why regular preventive maintenance?

Regular preventive maintenance is necessary to keep your air compressors and the ancillaries in a good working and efficient condition, and more important time for your to react. It’s a matter of time that you are required to shut down the air compressors to replace a part, as all parts comes with life span due to wear and tear and the conditions environment. However, with proper and sound preventive maintenance in place, you will have time to plan on shutting down your air compressor to replace the parts, rather than a surprise breakdown.

Compressed Air System Design

New setup or existing compressed air system? Our team has the expertise and knowledge to assist you in designing new compressed air system, or optimising your existing compressed air system.

Upgrade air compressor

Many people tend to overlook on upgrade your existing air compressors with latest technology and important components. Why upgrade?Upgrade your compressor to improve your air compressorsperformance, reduce energy usage and improve reliability.

Monitor your compressed air system

If you don’t measure, you will not know your compressed air system efficiency. We can assist you to setup a permanent monitoring system to measure your air compressor efficiency. Or we can arrange our expert to measure your compressed air system and do the analysis for you. In addition, we can also carry out leak detection in your compressed air pipe to reduce your energy wastage.


If you have any requirements for rental for air compressor or air dryers, do discuss with us on your requirements.

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