Health Safety Environment (HSE) Division

HSE or also known as K3 (Health, Safety and Security Environment) is a condition in work and life that is healthy and safe both for workers, companies as well as for the community and the environment around the factory or place the work. Occupational safety and health is also an effort to prevent any unsafe (safe/safety) actions or conditions that may result accident.

Industrial Division

Ingersoll Rand Industrial Division is responsible for the development and implementation of business in various industrial sectors including the Automotive, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Power Plant and other sectors. This division is divided into 3 parts :

Our products are as follows,

  • Authorized Distributor INGERSOLL-RAND, USA
  • KSI Nitrogen an

Engineering & Construction Division

This division has a role in designing, planning, constructing and managing a project related to facilities, utilities and other engineering projects. The main focus of this division is to provide results for a project so that it is completed on time according to budget and the desired quality through the following work activities :


Telecommunication & IT Division

PT. Dexa Energy in the field of Telecommunication and IT cooperates with companies Internet Service Provider (ISP) operators to build networks and infrastructure. We work together to implement new technologies in order to increase efficiency and aligning their infrastructure with business objectives. Some of our sub businesses develop including:

Business Development Division

As a continuous business development effort, PT Dexa Energy constantly developing customers, markets, and business relationships in order to continue to grow. Currently we are carrying out several business development projects, including:

Accounting & Finance Division

This division plays a role in compiling, preparing, and interpreting reports, budgets, accounts, comments, and financial reports. This division is also tasked with conducting strategic analysis and assist strategic planning of business plans, control of revenue, cash flow, spending, and managing the budget. The departments under it are as follows :

HCR AND GA Division

PT Dexa Energy will provide sufficient human resources for the implementation of the System Quality Management and K3 (MK3), by accepting employees according to needs and competencies that have been set and provide basic knowledge about the system MK3 management implemented by PT Dexa Energy includes the company’s MK3 policy.

PT Dexa Energy guarantees that the competencies required by each employee are in order can carry out their duties and responsibilities properly and correctly in accordance with objectives and requirements that have been planned must be ensured met. PT Dexa Energy ensuring that all employees care about and are aware of the interrelationships and importance of roles and them, and how they contribute to the achievement of MK3 goals.

Infrastructure identified and complied with to achieve conformity with requirements product/service. To ensure the availability and maintenance of supporting infrastructure product/service realization process, PT Dexa Energy determines, fulfills and maintains The infrastructure needed to achieve conformity includes :

  • Buildings, work areas and utilities.
  • supporting equipment.
  • Information systems in the form of software and hardware.


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